What CrossFit Means to us

Training enables our members to do what's most important in their lives.


Anne VanderVeen

Anne sees improvement in bone density in just a few months of CrossFit

Rob & Corrina Steinbach

Rob & Corrina share how CrossFit 43 North has postiviely impacted their lifestyle and their marriage.

Stefannie Raymond

Stefannie has seen a transformation both physically and mentally.

Donna Watson

Donna's loves the personal attention she receives at CrossFit 43 North and has seen an improvement in her self-confidence.


CrossFit 43 North has been the most inviting and open gym I’ve ever been to. Trust me, I’m a shy one who likes to usually hide in the corner and not be seen. I’ve laughed, cried, worn my clothes inside out, you name it. I’ve always been accepted. I highly recommend this Bridgett and Clayton. Contact them for a free no sweat intro!!!!!
— Ashley Day
Crossfit is more than a workout program or an exercise. It is a sport, a community, and a new way of living. Crossfit, at its basest level, is a means by which I can be a better and more disciplined employee, student, father, husband, and follower of Christ.
— Chris Burgess

CrossFit has become another way for my husband Rob and I to connect. We have been married for almost 12 years and have never shared a hobby. This is the first time ever we are doing something together. It has brought about great conversation and better health for our entire family.
— Corrina Steinbach

I heard stories about CrossFit and it wasn’t something that I thought that I would like. However, when I had a few classes with Clayton, I really liked his approach and put those stories about CrossFit to bed.
— Jennifer Case
I have enjoyed CrossFit 43 North from day one. I love watching my progression and I love my new family. We are there to help each other get and stay healthy. The coaching is great and Clayton keeps it fun, but at the same time will challenge me.
— Monique McDermott