We believe that nutrition is the foundation of every great life and it is our passion to help you live better

Eating the right foods can solve a lot of health issues as well as decrease stress, improve sleep as well as energy levels. We offer several different ways to learn about and implement proper nutrition in your life.

Nutrition Coaching

Working with a coach is going to help you reach your goals faster. Everyone is different and has different goals. A coach will help you develop a customized nutrition plan just for you.

4 Week Nutrition Coaching Package
  • 1 Hour initial consultation (goals, body measurements, action plan)
  • Weekly 15 minute phone call (struggles, successes, food log review)
  • 30-minute follow-up consultation
Ongoing Nutrition Coaching

If you've completed the 4 week nutrition program, we offer ongoing support to ensure you keep making progress toward your goals.

  • Weekly 15 minute phone call
  • Monthly 30 minute follow-up


We offer two seminars periodically in our facility. They are based on the same principles but focus on different goals.

Nutrition for Life

Nutrition is simple but you wouldn't know it based on the constant barrage of fad diets and other nutritional noise in our daily lives. In this one hour seminar, we outline the basics of common sense nutrition, dispell some of the myths that are commonly held, and teach you how to eat like a human being.

Nutrition for Performance

If you're an athlete or want to improve your performance in the gym this seminar is for you. This seminar builds on our Nutrition for Life seminar. We take those foundations of nutrition and show you what's involved in taking your performance to the next level.