FORGE is a strength and conditioning program designed to improve the overall health and fitness of our young people.

You’ve seen the effects of the lack of physical education for today’s youth

  • Childhood Obesity and Diabetes
  • Overuse injuries from sport specialization at a young age
  • Skyrocketing ACL injuries due to poor movement mechanics
  • Disengagement with youth sports because of an emphasis on winning instead of having fun

Our program is designed to help young people

  • learn how to move properly
  • increase their athleticism
  • build confidence
  • develop healthy habits for the rest of their life

Why Strength and Conditioning?

Reduced Risk for Injury

By incorporating resistance training into preseason conditioning for adolescent football players, a reduction in non-serious knee injuries, has seen reported.

Better Peformance general, expected strength gains of 30–40% are typically observed in untrained youth following participation in an introductory (8–20 weeks) resistance training program.

Better Mood

It has been reported that adolescent girls improved their physical self-perceptions in response to an 8-week resistance training programme. Similarly, various measures of self-concept have been shown to improve in adolescent males and females after a 12-week resistance training program.