We all have reasons why walking into a gym is intimidating.

We help people just like you transform their bodies and lives every day.


Sara lost over 45 lbs following our training and nutrition plan.

Are you intimidated to try CrossFit?

We’ve heard every reason to not try it but we can help you overcome every excuse and start your transformation.

  • You'll kill me
  • I have bad knees.
  • It's too expensive.
  • I don't like burpees.
  • I'm too out of shape.
  • They wouldn't want me there.
  • I can't do that stuff.
  • I need to lose some weight first.

I can not say enough great things about CrossFit 43 North. Finding this gym has been life changing and highly recommend anyone check it out.
— Jennifer D.
My experience at 43 North has been life changing! I had ALMOST given up at my age and fitness level that I would ever feel healthy & athletic again. If you are struggling and want to get in shape, CALL THEM!!
— Katrina V.


Clayton Borah

Owner/Head Coach of CrossFit 43 North

I was once overweight and out of shape. I didn't know what to do or where to turn. I kept trying to fix it on my own and failed over and over again. Then one day I discovered CrossFit and my life was forever changed. Not only did I lose the weight and get into the best shape of my life but my posture improved and my confidence improved. I felt like I could handle anything life through my way.

If you're unsure about if CrossFit is for you that's ok. Most people are and the truth of the matter is that CrossFit isn't for everyone but it's also true that ANYONE can do it. Even you. Come in and talk with a coach. You won't regret it.