You Don't Have to be Great to Start

CrossFit? I’m too out of shape to do that!

We hear statments like this all the time. Yes many of the people you see that do CrossFit are in fantastic shape. CrossFit is really good at getting people into shape but most people don't start with that level of fitness.

Some of us have a history with high school or collegiate sports. Others of us haven’t done anything “athletic” since we were 5 years old, and the athletic demands of T-Ball are questionable at best.

Our histories help shape who we are, but they don’t define us nor do they define who we will become. We have the power of choice. We can make better decisions. We can be better.

When it comes to improving our fitness, being a better parent, or just being a better human we have to start somewhere. No one starts at perfection and no one has reached the extent of human potential. Greatness is earned through hard work, consistency and perseverance.

We all start somewhere, but only those that start actually go anywhere. Each day you can be a little better than the day before, and before you know it, you’re the best version of yourself you’ve ever seen.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.

Now go move better.