Yeah, But What's in it For Me?

Here’s a really good question: Why should I put down the donut and get active?

Here’s an even better question: What will happen if I keep eating donuts and never leave the couch (except to replenish my donut supply)? Unfortunately, I know firsthand about some of the horrible effects of having my rear end velcroed to the couch for a prolonged period of time. Yep, it’s true. Winter of 2016, AKA: Snowmageddon. Here’s how it all went down…

We moved to Idaho in early October of 2016, and the snow started falling a few weeks after that. We didn’t see the ground again until March of 2017, remember? Until then I had only played in the snow – skiing, sledding, etc. I had never actually lived where the snow was… We would just drive to the snow, and then drive home when we were done playing. THIS was an entirely different animal.

To make a long (almost six months!) story short, I pretty much sat on the couch in our new home here in Idaho from October 2016 until sometime in March 2017, and became an expert on cable television scheduling at any given hour of the day or night. That was the easy part.

When I could finally see the grass and blue sky again, I thought I would just be able get up and resume my normal activities. You know, like running and hiking. These are things that I absolutely love to do. However, my entire body had a very different plan! My body decided it no longer needed its motor coordination, or range of motion and flexibility. My body didn’t even need muscle strength or balance anymore. Use it or lose it! All my body needed was Dis couch and Dem donuts!! Basic movement had actually become painful, and that scared me. A lot.

I realized what terrible condition I was in one morning when stepping into a pair of underwear. I literally began to panic because I thought I was going to lose my balance and fall. And hit my head. And die. Can you even imagine the epitaph?? Let’s not go there.

The point is that I learned a very important lesson the hard way. Sure, being inactive and eating poorly felt fine at first, but when I wanted to get up and move again, it was SO AWFUL!! It actually hurt from the inside out, mentally and physically!

What to do, what to do… Fast forward to early 2017 when I schlepped into CrossFit 43 North for my no sweat intro and signed up for the Elements course. It saved my life.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? An extremely important question, and an excellent place to start. Everyone needs a WHY to stay motivated and on track to reach their goals and then plan new ones.

Here’s what’s in it for me: In each CrossFit workout, I discover strength and endurance I never knew I possessed, and that motivates me to work a little harder the next day. As a result - this is my WHY - I won’t need help getting off the couch, or worse, the toilet when I’m in my later years. Most importantly, I am almost certain that I will not die while trying to climb into a pair of underwear.

Take a moment to find your WHY! Why is it important to you to be active and healthy? And then ask yourself, “What’s in it for me?” What can you achieve? HINT: More than you can even imagine!