World Class Programming

Getting any exercise is better than nothing, but after a while, your training needs to have a purpose if you want to continue to make progress. Our members have a purposeful program to follow from day one. This keeps them on track to meet and exceed their goals.

Elements Course

We instruct all our new members through the basics of movement in our Elements Course. These 4-6 sessions teach participants the basic motor patterns needed to perform all the movements we may perform. There are hundreds of potential movements we could perform on any given day and teaching the details of all of those would take a long time but by teaching the fundamental motor patterns that are shared among all these movements we set our members up for success in learning new things.

Not everyone is the same

We recognize that not everyone is the same and levels of fitness vary drastically between people. That's why we set-up our training to grow with you. We separate our workouts into 2 different workout tracks. Within in each category, there is an infinite number of ways to modify the workout to your specific level of fitness.


Plan for progress is built in

As your skills and abilities improve then we move you from one workout track into another to constantly challenge and improve your fitness. Each day we work on improving your skills in a less intense environment so that when we start the intense workout you'll know where you'll be able to push yourself that day.

Don't just workout to workout. Reach your goals with purpose and a plan. If you want to learn more about how our system works please schedule a free consultation.