Why we do this

"You'll kill me!"

It's a statement we've heard more than once when we ask people to come check out our gym. It's the furthest thing from the truth but we understand why people respond that way.

If you've ever heard anything about CrossFit it probably has to with how intense the workouts are. CrossFit is known for its high intensity and the results intensity produces.

This is also what keeps the people that need it most away.

We began this journey as an out of shape couple. We were in our early thirties, overweight and displaying symptoms of declining health.

We knew almost nothing about what we were getting into but we knew we needed a change. In January of 2011, we began doing CrossFit in a freezing cold barn at 5:30 am with several other crazy people. We all had to be crazy to be up that early in the freezing cold.

The workouts were intense, to say the least. We were constantly sore but we chose to wear that soreness as a badge of honor. We leaned into it and fought through to the other side.

We changed our diet and quickly lost body fat and increased muscle.

We were literally pulling ourselves out of the poor health we'd developed and it felt good.

Other people would come and go at the gym. People wanted to make a change but just weren't ready for the intensity asked of them on the first day. As time went on we realized that the early adopters of CrossFit embraced the pain and loved it, but that most people need a different approach.

You're probably not crazy

We knew the CrossFit methodology could literally change lives but people had to actually do it. So we set out to create a safe place for regular people to improve their lives without all the intimidation and super high intensity.

Yes, we ask people to push themselves, but that looks different for each individual. We want you to be better. We want people to be healthy and live longer, but we know that it's a journey and hitting the ground running at 100 miles an hour will leave people not wanting to come back.

When we teach someone to squat we know that it could actually keep them from needing a nursing home later in life. It's not about lifting more weight than your body and technique can support. For us, it's about an improved quality of life.

CrossFit 43 North was born out of our desire to make Nampa a healthy community. We are here first and foremost to guide people towards a better life.

That's it.

We're not here to make you sore or make you puke. We might share the name CrossFit with those other gyms but we truly are different. Down to the very core of why we do this.

Now go live better.