What does it feel like to do CrossFit?

Doing CrossFit is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. The workouts are constantly varied, every gym has a different atmosphere, and each trainer does things a little differently.

Even with all those variables there are some common experiences that are consistent across most CrossFit gyms.

Common experiences? That’s a weird way to talk about working out. If you’re used to doing the same “Back and Bi’s” “Chest and Tri’s” workouts all the time it would be. CrossFit can’t be fully explained it has to be experienced.

Sense of Accomplishment

Each and every workout gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Each and every workout pushes you to be a little bit better. This accomplishment comes in many different flavors.

  • Moving Better
  • Lifting More
  • Moving Faster
  • Learning a new skill
  • Doing something you never thought possible
  • Just Surviving

Because the workouts are different every day, your accomplishment every day will be different.

Challenging Workout but Doable

CrossFit has a reputation for being really intense and requiring super levels of fitness to do it. This is only partially true. Intensity is relative. Intensity for every individual is different and often for different reasons. As people spend more time doing CrossFit they are able to increase the intensity.

This means that anyone can do a CrossFit workout but it does’t look the same for every individual. That’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s how we like it. CrossFit doesn’t require elite fitness. CrossFit develops it.

Not everyday is intense. There are days that you may just work on a skill. For skill development we often use progressions that start simply and get more challenging. As you master one step on the progression you move on to the next. Spending 20 minutes slowly working on some progressions will leave you pretty tired.

New Levels of Exhaustion

Even though not everyday requires 100% intensity there are days that do. These days can push you to your limits and leave you flat on your back wondering what happened. Your entire body is tired, your arms, legs, shoulders, core and you’re kind of in a mental fog until you get some food.

Pushing yourself to those limits helps you see what you’re capable of and delivers the incredible levels of fitness CrossFit is famous for. This may sound awful and in the moment it kind of is, unless you’re the type of person that likes that sort of thing, but afterwards it feels amazing.

Making Friends that are like Family

CrossFit gyms are like family. You develop bonds with the people you sweat with day in and day out. Struggle brings people together. Imagine looking forward to going to they gym everyday even though you know you’re going to suffer. It’s your chance to see your best friends, hang out, laugh, struggle, sweat, groan and celebrate together. You’ll start hanging out with people outside of the gym, going camping, watching each others kids, and meeting up for dinner.

We put a lot of effort in making CrossFit 43 North a safe place to let your hair down and be yourself. When something great happens and you want to celebrate we’ll let you know how awesome you are and how proud we are of you. And when you need a hug or shoulder to cry on we’ll all be there for that as well. How many gyms offer that? Community is the most important and most unexpected CrossFit experience.

So … what does it feel like to do CrossFit? Come EXPERIENCE it for yourself.

Now go move better.