We are Moving

For the past year and a half we've been sharing space with another gym here in town. It wasn't an ideal situation as we had limited access to the space and other people were training there during our class times. We knew this wouldn't be a permanent location for us from the beginning but it allowed us to open our doors and begin helping people change their lives.

The lease in our current space has ended and we have the opportunity to move right next door. As a business we are committed to being in downtown as long as it makes sense for us. The downtown Nampa area is growing and we want to add to the activity and entrepreneurial atmosphere of this historic district.

Over the past month we've been building out the new space. It's been a fun project and we can't wait to open the doors for training sessions. Because of the freedom this new space is providing we'll have more to offer our members.

New Equipment

You can't have a new space without new equipment. It's just more exciting if there is new stuff in the new wrapping. But this goes beyond just have new equipment for new equipment sake.

Just like our training we try to be as purposeful and functional about the equipment we buy. There are a lot of cool products on the market but not all of them are worth the money or add that much to a training regime. And some of the equipment we purchased was simply to help organize the equipment we already have in order to make the gym more functional in general.

Some of the new equipment includes:

  • 28 lb kettlebells
  • 45 lb kettlebells
  • 2 squat stands
  • additional squat racks and pull-up space on our rig
  • 1 concept2 rower
  • jump rope organization
  • medball and kettlebell storage/organization
  • a couple surprises

New Amenities

This new space is a little smaller than our current one but offers so much more. We have our own private entrance with a large door that will make running in and out easier and feel less like you may get run over by a car driving down the alley.

There is both a men’s and women’s restroom with multiple stalls in each. This will become very handy for the those athletes (like myself) that get nervous and have to pee before a workout.

The space is also seems to have better climate control and maintains a constant temperature better. This means you won't be overheating (as much) in the summer months or have a giant furnace blowing hot air on your face while doing burpees in the middle of winter. As with the equipment there are a couple other amenities we're going to leave as a surprise.

New Services

Because we don't have to share the space with other people we can do more things and so we'll be rolling out new services over the next few weeks as we get them developed.

  • Personal Training (available now)
  • Nutrition Coaching (coming soon)
  • Open Gym (coming soon)
  • CrossFit Kids (coming 2017)
  • Various Seminars (nutrition, weightlifting, CrossFit 101, Using Beyond the Whiteboard)

Community Events

We love our gym members like family and we enjoy being in Nampa. We wan't to use this space for events that build community. For our members this could be a Christmas party or monthly birthday parties. For Nampa this could mean a weekly free training session just to give back and to improve the fitness of our neighbors.

We have big plans and an incredible vision for the future of CrossFit 43 North and for what we can do to impact the City of Nampa. We are excited for this next chapter and we wouldn't be able to do it without our fantastic and supportive members.

We'll be opening the new space on Saturday October 1, 2016. If you're interested in learning more about what we do please check out Our System. We'd love to have you come on in to see the space and meet you.

Now go move better.