Uncommonly Good

"I used to just want to be stronger, but now I want to move better so I increase my potential to be even stronger."

We sit down with all prospective members and do a free consultation and when we ask them, "What brings you in today?" The response is never, "I want to move better."

We know that you don't care about how good your squat looks, you just want to lose weight or get stronger. That's great! Whatever gets you to walk through our doors is a fantastic first step.

We all have subjects that we don't know much about and some things we don't even know how much we don't know. That's where we come in.

It is our job as coaches to ... coach.

We want you to lose weight and get stronger but we also want you to remain that way for the rest of your life. We want you to keep your joints healthy. We want you to be able to do things you never thought possible. And you will if you focus on virtuosity.

Think of virtuosity as performing the common uncommonly well. Virtuosity is what gets a gymnast a Perfect 10 over just a 9.0. This means revisiting things you think you're good at to do them even better.

To ensure this is happening we insist on getting the fundamentals right. We then have the rest of your life to pursue virtuosity but if we don't get started properly your progress toward your goals will be hindered. Moving virtuously is the key to results. It is often said that intensity is the key to results but your intensity will always be limited by the quality (efficiency) of your movement.

The pursuit of virtuosity can also teach us several lessons about life that will make us better people.

Let's look at the squat for example. Many people think they know how to squat until they come in for their first training session and we teach them how to do it properly.

Lesson 1 - We don't know what we don't know and we should keep our mind open to the possibilities around us.

We focus a good portion of that first session going over and over and over the squat because it is the foundation of 90% of the rest what you'll be doing in the gym.

We go over what's involved in performing a perfect squat and work with you to correct the faults. Typically over the course of the hour, the squat goes from bad to not quite so bad.

And that's amazing! Your first hour of training and you're already more fit than when you started.

Lesson 2 - Don't strive to be perfect. Strive to be better than you were yesterday.

Over time as your squat improves we'll begin to add weight to the squat. This will change how the squat feels but doesn't change how it is performed. This will make the squat challenging again and we'll continue to pursue virtuosity with increased load.

Lesson 3 - Don't get complacent. Keep seeking out new ways to challenge yourself and new things to learn.

Let's fast forward a year and we'll find you've gone from not being able to perform a basic squat properly to being able to perform 15 repetitions of a back squat with 95lb on your back, without putting the barbell down and the reps look fantastic.


In this scenario, we talked about the pursuit of virtuosity in the squat. We didn't talk about weight loss or strength, but I can guarantee that the person at the end of this process is leaner and stronger than the person who started on day one. Receiving coaching has helped you reach your stated goals and more

Lesson 4 - If you don't know what to do find someone to help.

Relentlessly pursue virtuosity in life and in fitness. Don't get bogged down in doing it perfectly just try to make small improvements all the time and in a year you'll be in a completely different place.

Now go live better.