Treat Yo'self

For many people, especially parents, we see an inconsistency in training because they put others needs before their own. This is as it should be. Kids are important and we give of ourselves to make their lives better.

But what happens when you're worn down, stressed out, and unable to give any more? You end up yelling at your kids, yelling at your spouse, getting sick more easily, developing digestion issues, etc.

The thought of "Treating Yourself" almost never crosses your mind unless it's eating an entire chocolate cake. How could you even think about treating yourself when your kids need new shoes, driven to flute practice or your spouse is sick again? You can't. That's just the reality of life.

If that is the stress of life and there is no end in sight then we need to have a strategy for dealing with it. That's where a consistent training regimen and nutrition plan come in. It's not special treatment to keep yourself healthy. It's necessary. Their lives depend on it.

By staying healthy you'll be better equipt to handle the stresses of life and keep on supporting those that depend on you. We see too many people that put their training on the back burner to take care of others and end up broken and exhausted.

Proper exercise and nutrition will give you more energy, keep you healthy, and help manage your stress levels. To us, this is non-negotiable. If you're constantly giving, giving, giving, and not doing anything to refill you'll give it all away and not be able to take care of those you care most about.

If you truly care about those around you and you need to be available for them, then you need to take some time and take care of yourself. Do it. Make a standing appointment with the gym, or a personal trainer. You're kids, your spouse and your health will thank you.

Now go live better