Training with Intensity

We have a basic progression in our training that starts with mechanics, then consistency and finally intensity. Each one builds on the previous and the previous stages are prerequisite for the next ones.

We firmly believe that performing constantly varied functional movements at high intensity delivers the highest levels of fitness and wellness. But the idea of intensity is often misunderstood and sometimes keeps people from even getting off the couch.

Intensity comes in flavors

Adding intensity to a workout means one of two things. Either increase the weight you’re lifting or move faster. Every persons capacity for intensity is different. Not everyone can lift the same amount of weight and not everyone can move as quickly.

What is true about everyone is that they can probably move faster than they think and with proper instruction they will be able to lift more weight than they think they can.

Intensity Hurts

Working out with intensity will make you sore. It’s not comfortable but getting comfortable with being uncomfortable allows you to work at a higher level of intensity and will deliver better results.

Results aren’t free. They are paid for in really hard work. For some people that’s running fast, jumping high and lifting a lot of weight. But for others it’s squatting to a box, and some push-ups against a wall.

We often say “The magic is in the movements” referring to the efficacy of functional movements. Performing the movements will benefit anyone that isn’t already doing them but for most people to see continued improvement and results we have to ramp up the intensity.

Now go move better.