Things are going to change ... I can feel it!

Do you ever get that feeling that something is about to change for the better? That you're right on the verge of seeing some unknown potential get fulfilled?

It's exciting and a little frustrating.

There is anxious excitement for your new life to begin but you're unsure of when it will happen or maybe even how to get past that last barrier.


We see this all the time. In our own lives and in the lives of those people brave enough to step through our doors for the first time. They're tired of not feeling comfortable at the beach, they've tried every diet known to man, and they've tried walking, running or that weird leg squeeze machine at the gym without much progress.

Even though they are not making the progress they'd like, the good news is that they are trying, they can see their potential selves having a great time at the beach in that new bathing suit or playing pickup basketball with their shirt off and THEY ARE TRYING.

What do you do when you want something so badly, and nothing you've tried seems to work?

Years ago I owned a small graphic design company. I was good at graphic design but not at running a business. What little work I had I did really well but the business ended up closing after a couple years. Almost every day I felt like I was about to gain some momentum and have the business take off, but it never happened.

I didn't know what I didn't know.

I'd read some business books and they were all written from the perspective of a business that had some success but needed refinement. Nothing was written about my situation. Nothing to show me step by step what I needed to do to reach my goals.

Fast forward to today. My wife and I own CrossFit 43 North together and work on it together but there is a lot we don't know. We tried asking for advice from various different sources all of which gave us different answers and none took the time to really understand us or our goals. Then we decided to hire a coach, a business mentor. Someone that would take the time to get to know us, our business, and what we wanted out of our lives and our business.

You know what? It has been extremely helpful. We still have the same drive to make CrossFit 43 North the best gym in Nampa but we have someone guiding us through the unknown parts.

Turns out we gave ourselves the same advice we'd give anyone that comes through our doors wanting to make a change.

"Work with a knowledgeable coach that will get to know you and your goals and give you customized direction for reaching them."

The change you want is in your future and you'll have to do the work but you don't have to do it alone. Become the person you see yourself being and do it alongside likeminded people and a supportive coach.

It will make the journey fun and less frustrating.

Now go live better.