The WOD doesn’t end when you’re done

One of the things that I love most about the general CrossFit community is the support it shows for everyone. This can be seen daily in gyms all over the world and in any competition setting. The person finishing last or struggling most is receiving the most encouragement.

Staying engaged

Perhaps the WOD is something you are good at that day and you are one of the first athletes done. Good for you, let’s celebrate that, but let’s wait until everyone is done. Others will be struggling with the movements that day and are still working hard to finish the workout. Surround those people and give them support. Give them the extra push they need to finish the WOD and keep their intensity high. No one wants to feel alone while they’re suffering. Especially if someone else is celebrating how quickly they finished the workout.

Maybe you’ve just pushed yourself really hard and are exhausted and over heating. The people still working out feel the same way. Stick around, encourage them, watch them suffer just as much as you did and see the relief on their face when they finish. Then celebrate with them at a job well done.

The last thing we should see is anyone putting their equipment away while others are still finishing a WOD. How discouraging would that feel if someone did that while you were still working really hard to finish?

group workout

At CrossFit 43 North we think of each other as family. In many ways we do a good job of caring for/about each other but we can always do better. The workout of the day is something we all share and we all suffer through. By not staying engaged until the last person finishes you’re missing out on an opportunity to grow closer with your CrossFit family.

But it feels awkward

If just one or two people are cheering on those still working out it will seem a little awkward, but if everyone gets involved that awkwardness goes away. You may be surprised by how much more you get out of your time at the gym when you start being generous with your time and attention.

Take this as a challenge to make staying engaged with the WOD until the last person finishes as part of our culture at CrossFit 43 North. Let’s make our gym the best CrossFit gym in Nampa!

Now go live better.