The Whole30 is Coming!

I’m not usually a fan of new years resolutions because you can make a resolution at any time and shouldn't necessarily wait for the beginning of a new year. Why wait when you can start making a change today? But when it comes to doing things as a community it’s nice to have a start date and a little lead time in order to prepare.

I’m inviting you to join Coach Bridgett and myself in completing The Whole30 starting January 1, 2016. This is not a requirement but it is easier to do when you have others to hold you accountable and to complain about how hard it is.

The Whole30 is the 30 day eating plan laid out in the book It Starts With Food. It’s pretty easy to understand but very challenging to stick with for 30 days. The Whole30 website outlines eight steps to help prepare for the challenge We’re going to help you prepare as much as we can leading up to the new year so you can be succesful in January.

Step 1: What is the Whole30?

Step 2: Read the program

Step 3: Commit

Step 4: Build your support network

Step 5: Get your house ready

Step 6: Plan for success

Step 7: Toss that Scale

Step 8: Do the Whole30

January 1 is more than 8 weeks away so we’re giving you a few weeks to deal with Step 1. I would recommend reading It Starts With Food before doing The Whole30. The book lays out the science behind the food recommendations and helps you understand why eating this way is the best for you. Understanding why you’re doing it will help you commit and be successful in doing it. We do have a couple copies of It Starts With Food we can lend out if you don’t or can’t purchase the book. But if you can get a copy for yourself you’ll refer back to it time and time again, and if you’re anything like Bridgett and I you’ll be giving copies away as gifts to friends and family.

A word on weight loss

The Whole30 is not a diet as our culture usually defines it. The purpose of the Whole30 is not weight loss. The purpose is to improve the health of your body. That’s what we want you to focus on. Always focus on being healthy for life rather than short term goals. That said, typically people that do the Whole30 lose body fat in the process. It just tends to happen when you body starts working the way it’s suppose to.