The Road to Level 2

"I don't think I'm ready for Level 2."
"When can move to Level 2?"

I've heard both of these statements from different athletes in our gym. The former from ones that I think are ready and the later from some that are not yet ready.

What is level 2?

In our group classes, we treat the workout of the day written on the whiteboard as a starting point. Everyone needs to scale or modify the workout in some manner. But to make things a little easier we have 2 versions of the workout on the whiteboard.

We start almost everyone with the Level 1 version of the workout. Level 1 is perfect for people that just want to live a healthy life and have no desire to really push themselves to... well... then next level. Level 1 workouts are no joke. Many people still have to scale those workouts quite a bit. A person could do these workouts for the rest of their life and be incredibly fit.

Then we have Level 2. The level 2 workouts are often significantly more work, with heavier weights and much more challenging movements. But don't make the mistake in thinking that Level 2 is only about doing a more challenging workout. Getting to level 2 requires more than just a high level of fitness.

What does it take?

Level 2 is something that is earned. It's more or less by invitation only and to be invited you need to demonstrate the following.

  1. Proficiency in the majority of our movements. We're all trying to improve all the time and you may not be excellent at everything but someone ready for Level 2 has a very good grasp on all the movements and can perform them well.

  2. A desire to push yourself beyond the comfortable. Level 1 workouts are still hard but once you've mastered those movements and weights you stop learning new things about yourself. You stop learning new movements. It's easy to fall into the comfort of being the first one done with a workout. It feels good but that also means that you're not failing at anything and thus not learning anything. When we see you digging deep to get through a workout and you eagerly pursuing getting better that's a good sign.

  3. You're consistent and reliable. This means you've been a member of the gym for long enough to attend classes on a consistent basis. This isn't a set amount of time but it's also important to have adequate exposure to our training methods. This could be as little as 3 months but could take a year. You're also consistently working on your nutrition and trying to eat better. Nutrition is a huge part of our program and if you're not fueling your body properly you're not going to thrive in Level 2. Consistency is also more than just showing up but also demonstrating that you've bought into what our gym is about and you're building friendships with the other athletes.

  4. You embrace scaling. Scaling to the right level that is enough of a challenge that you're pushing yourself but not so much that you miss the point of workout and can't maintain the desired intensity is so important to success in our program. This means you willingly leave your ego outside and embrace scaling so you can see the results you want.

  5. You're a leader (whether you know it or not). Reluctant leaders are often the best kinds of leaders. They have a humility that is valuable for a leader. If you are demonstrating the proficiency and consistency mentioned above then you'll be thriving in our gym and other members will notice and they'll begin to look to you as inspiration. How you deal with that responsibility will definitely impact how quickly you get promoted to Level 2. Do you help new members feel included? Do you encourage others? Are you giving out high fives after you're done with a workout or are you more interested in yourself?

Some people are good at 1 or 2 of these but it really takes all five to thrive at Level 2. If we see you're ready we'll let you know. If you think you're ready take a look at the above and do some self-reflection.

The longer you train with us the more you'll see that training has lessons for life and it's not just about doing a workout and that's what Level 2 is about. It's about knowing that you don't know everything and that you're willing to put yourself in difficult situations to learn more about yourself and develop your character. And honestly, not everyone is ready for that.

And you thought Level 2 was just a harder workout.

Now go live better.