The Best Keeps Getting Better

CrossFit 43 North is one of the best gyms in the valley. We feel pretty safe in saying that because of the number of members that achieve the results they want. Think of the huge number of people that have gym memberships and never go or those that go for years and years but never get the results they want. Maybe you're one of those people. A good gym is effective when it delivers health, fitness and has members reaching their goals.

So...we're really good.

Over the last 5 years of our existence, our members have tracked thousands of workouts and repeated hundreds of them to provide us data with how their fitness is improving.

Members have followed our nutrition coaching and lost 50+ lbs. We've had people tell us we've totally changed their lives and we've had people let us know that we've probably saved their lives.

We take all this data and we test and improve our methods. We look for areas that can be tweaked in order to get even better results for our members, we test those changes and if they work then they become the new standard.

We're currently tracking data on accountability with nutrition. When we find the best way to keep people on track it will be what we do for everyone.

What would it look like for you to be in a gym that took getting results this seriously?

We opened our gym with a good plan and we were able to help some people but we've drastically improved over the past 5 years. When we learn something we work hard to get it into our members' hands so they can benefit from it.

  • Our workouts are better at keeping people healthy and improving over their lifetime.
  • We built out a system for progressing people to more difficult workouts as their fitness improves.
  • We offer nutrition coaching and accountability to help people learn to eat properly and still enjoy food and their life.
  • We have a running course to help people get off their couch and run a 5k in 8 weeks.
  • Our 8-week weightlifting course increases strength and power in the athletes that participate.
  • We've begun adding yoga classes to help our members recover from their training and to reduce stress in their life.
  • And we strive to make the hour you spend in the gym each day the best hour of your day.

How is that different from the gym you're currently attending (or the couch you spend your time sitting on)?

We don't guarantee results, but we could. I wouldn't think twice about it. If people commit to coming to the gym 3-5 days a week, do what the coach tells them to do and eat the way we want them to eat, the results will happen. Period.

If your gym isn't passionate about getting results then maybe you should schedule a free consultation with one of our coaches and find out how we can help you.

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See you soon.