The Best Hour of My Day

If I was a normal person with normal sleep patterns, the 5:00am alarm would be a major annoyance. Given that I’m ME, and apparently require almost no sleep at all, I am already WIDE AWAKE.

So, I hop (well, okay, schlep) out of bed and brave the early morning chill as I prepare for my 6:00am workout at the Fountain of Youth and Happiness – CrossFit 43 North.

The hour of 6:00am through 7:00am is one of the very best hours of the day. Why? Because I get to join some of the most fantastic people in the land for a workout that will test our strength – both mind and muscle.

There is something very magical that happens when all of us to get together with our coach to slog through an amazingly tough workout before the crack of dawn. That’s right, you heard me… MAGICAL!

I arrive at the gym and say “Good morning!!!!” to everyone in my most chipper voice. The coach asks each of us how we’re doing. Then the coach actually LISTENS TO OUR RESPONSES. They actually care about each and every one of us here!!

Normally, I can report that I’m just fine. But sometimes I report that I didn’t sleep much, or that I’m feeling not-so-fantastic. There have even been a few times when I have reported that I ate like a Berkshire pig the previous day!! That’s right!! We can be completely honest here!

This is not only that happiest place on earth… It’s also the safest place on earth. There’s no judgement here. There is only acceptance for you just the way you are, and encouragement to try just a little harder to live just a little better each day.

Okay, so back to the class: We laugh, we sweat, and we cheer each other on as we run through our respective versions of the WOD (workout of the day).

Our coach provides lots of encouragement and individual cues to each of us to ensure we are employing correct form and getting the most out of the workout. Even though there are a few of us in the class, I still receive very personalized training.

Sharing the experience of having the snot worked out of us builds comradery, and before I know it, the pain evolves into an almost maniacal laughter. I look around the room at all of these people who I get to share my morning with, and they’re sweating and laughing too! Often, when we all catch our breath and can speak almost normally again, we actually TALK TO EACH OTHER!

My face is the color of a beefsteak tomato and my hair is matted to my head with sweat. I can’t think of any place else in the universe where I would dare to attempt an actual conversation with anyone, knowing how I look right at the end of a CrossFit 43 North workout!! But here we all are, laughing, talking, and high-fiving each other.

Then, all too soon, we wish each other a good day and we are off to slay our respective dragons. I head home with tremendous gratitude in my heart for CrossFit 43 North and these phenomenal people with whom I get to spend the first and best hour of the day!