The Benefits of Semi-Private Fitness Coaching

The group fitness model has grown in popularity over the years. Today there are spinning, cardio-kick, zumba, and most CrossFit classes to name a few. The downside to these large groups is that the instructor is usually in the front of the class doing the workout and not actually coaching the athletes in the class, or there are just too many athletes in the class for the coach to really do a good job.

Keep it small

Our classes are limited to 10 people at a time. This is to ensure that our coaches can give amazing attention to each and everyone in the class. Throughout an hour-long class, a coach will give you direct attention, correction, and encouragement, and it won't just be as they hurry past you trying to get to everyone in the class.

Everybody Knows Your Name

When attending a class of over 30 people it's really hard for anyone to get to know all the other people really well. This goes for our coaches as well as other gym members. We get to know you, your family, your pets, what your favorite breakfast food is etc. Knowing more about you helps us coach you better and better coaching for you equals better results. Our members get to know each other as well and you can develop really close friendships that last a lifetime.

Not Herding Cats

We pack our classes with a varying combination of warm-up, skill, strength, and conditioning work. We cover a lot of ground in an hour and we are able to because the logistics of small classes allow for it. We don't have to organize 30 people, and 30 barbells. With less time spent herding people and equipment, we have more time for training.

Semi-private training isn't for everyone. Some people want even more attention and personal training would be a better fit. Others just want to get lost in a crowd and receive less attention. For those that want the quality coaching of personal training and to work out with a community of like-minded people, semi-private coaching is a great solution.

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