Thank You to Teachers

Our nations teachers are often under appreciated. They work long hours, with little to no break. They have to deal with 20+ unruly kids day in and day out, and when they ask for a little bit support from parents they are rarely given it.

Not a single teacher starts down that career path with the hopes that they become a glorified baby sitter. Nor do they have dreams of compromising the best teaching techniques with just trying to get kids to do well on standardized tests.

Many don’t have time for themselves, to rest, to exercise or to even eat a meal during the day. The stress is so great that they often spend any breaks from school with a cold or flu. Their bodies just shut down.

Teachers often spend more time with our kids than we do and they have a lasting impact on the men and women our children will become. We want our kids to see more adults that value their health and fitness. It’s important that our kids have great examples of men and women in their lives. With obesity and Type-2 Diabetes running rampant in our country and the lack of Physical Education in schools it is more important than ever.

To that end we are now offering a 10% discount on training for all teachers. We know they don’t get paid what they’re worth and we’d like to make staying in shape a little more affordable.

Thank you to everyone that is an educator for our children. Keep up the good work.