Sugar is Worse Than We Thought


Over this past weekend I spent a few hours watching the University of California TV YouTube Channel. More specifically their nutrition playlist.

This is a playlist of videos from many of the leading doctors and scientists working in the realm of nutrition. One of whom is Dr. Robert Lustig. I've mentioned him in a previous post.

He is kind of a big deal when it comes to the research and treatment of obesity and more importantly, metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome includes:

  • abdominal (central) obesity
  • elevated blood pressure
  • elevated fasting plasma glucose
  • high serum triglycerides
  • low high-density cholesterol

Metabolic Syndrome can lead to diabetes, heart disease and heart attack.

Below are videos of Dr. Lustig giving talks on the dangers and truth about sugar. Specifically fructose. They are about 1 and 1/2 hours each but are worth the time. The material does overlap a little bit but both are very good. You'll never look at sugar the same.

Now go move better.