Scaling a CrossFit WOD

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We have whiteboards instead of mirrors for looking at your sorry ass.
— Greg Glassman

You may care about what you look like, but we honestly don’t. We care about performance. That’s why we don’t spend time lifting in front of mirrors or posing to see our muscles bulge.

Aesthetics are not a indicator of fitness. We concern ourselves with increasing our work capacity over broad time and modal domains. Let’s compare times on a workout rather than the size of our biceps.

This is one of the great benefits of using Beyond the Whiteboard to track your workouts. You’ll receive a ranking on where you finished the WOD compared to other members of the gym, and that ranking is fun but more importantly is the amount of work you’ve done.

Below are my two most recent results from the benchmark “Grace.” Grace is 30 Clean & Jerks at 135b as fast as possible. Recently I set a personal record and completed the workout faster than ever before and thus my work output went up. My capacity for completing the work improved, therefore my fitness improved between these two workouts.

Most Recent Result

Most Recent Result

Previous Result

Previous Result

This ability to compare work capacity becomes really interesting when comparing scaling and Rx results for a WOD.

Completing the WOD Rx

30 Clean and Jerks at 135 lb
4:45 = 124.7 foot pounds/second

Completing the WOD scaled

30 Clean and Jerks at 95 lb
3:35 = 128.2 foot pounds/second

The power output for scaled WOD is actually higher than the output of the Rx. So if you scale a WOD don’t feel less than. You could potentially be working harder than those doing the WOD Rx. All we care about is improvement in your work capacity.

We chase work capacity because we know that’s what increases fitness. We also know that if your goal is increased work capacity then the rest of your aesthetic goals will come. CrossFit has a way of chiseling your body into a lean machine. We don’t need mirrors. Your posted results on the whiteboard better reflect your fitness than a mirror ever could.

Now go live better.