Sacrifice is Necessary

You can't do everything. No one can.

That might not be something you realize at this point in your life but you will. But what's more important in my opinion is that you'll be a better human being if you stop trying to do everything.

Every day I hear about someone's fitness goals. Either to lose weight, gain muscle, grow a booty, get definition in their arms, see their abs or beat the competition. Goals are awesome and we're excited to help you reach them.

Reaching goals is about change. If what you are currently doing was working you wouldn't be talking to me about your goals in the first place. That means something needs to change. You have to do something different to see different results.

This is where sacrifice comes in. Making change takes sacrifice. Most people I know have their lives pretty full with work, family and if they're lucky a little fun time.

There just isn't any extra time sitting around they aren't using. So if they are going to get into the gym 3 days a week to work out they are going to have to stop doing something else for those 3 hours. If you're going to start meal prepping your food for the week, that will take a few hours on the weekend. That means you'll have to say goodbye to some of your other weekend activities.

The amount of sacrifice required is directly proportionate to the amount of change desired.

I'm sorry if I'm the bearer of bad news. To reach your goals you'll probably have to sacrifice something you enjoy. It could be time, it could be certain kinds of food, or it could be some of your entertainment so you can afford the gym membership.

Sacrifice is necessary but it's also wonderful.

The things you learn about yourself when you make a sacrifice can be life-altering. You'll develop a new outlook on life and you will better understand what you actually need to be content.

Sacrifice is hard but doing hard things builds strength in character and makes us better people. So yes, you'll have to sacrifice some things to reach your goals but I wouldn't be surprised if you reached additional goals you didn't even know you had because you're a stronger person overall.

What are you going to sacrifice to reach your goals?

Now go live better.