Rob Steinbach

Where do you work? What do you do there?
I've worked at Plexus for the last 11 years. My current job title is Demand Analyst, another name for a material planner. I make sure that our purchasing team gets all the parts delivered to support our production lines. It's not really what I expected to be doing but I really like the job and I enjoy the people that I work with.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Since June of 2015

What is your favorite movement?

What has been a favorite workout you've done?
I've been through 2 of the long work outs and I really like the feeling of accomplishment once they are done. Both of them were really tough but I felt great about not giving up.

What movement do you hate?
Pull ups are my goat. I've always been terrible at them but one of these days I'll master them.

What workout have you hated most?
I don't think that I've hated any of the work outs. I really like the challenge of completing the difficult movements. Although if you talked to me after working through Fran I would probably tell you that I hated those movements.

Why did you choose to start CrossFit?
I have a friend who does personal training and we had done a few crossfit WOD's. That's got me hooked on the style of work out and I wanted to do something that would help me in all my other activities. I really like the different movements that are part of the WOD's and I can really tell a difference in my life outside of Crossfit.