The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time.

Power is evident in all movement. Learning to harness and increase your power will allow you to move more weight and move it further and faster. Think about the stress of your car breaking down in an intersection. Being able to push your car out of the way of other motorists quickly is a good skill to have.

Power is also a vital part of measuring fitness. Without it we wouldn't move anything. Power is the force(strength) you use muliplied by the distance the object you're trying to move traveled.

We use our power in discovering our work capacity. If we know the amount of power you output into a workout and divide that by time it took you to complete the workout then we know the amount of work you completed in the workout.

If we track the amount of work you do over all the workouts you complete then we have a good idea of your work capcity. Especially if we vary the movements and length of the workouts. This is CrossFit at it's most basic level. Power is one of the ten general physical skills we train at CrossFit 43 North.

Now go move better.