Please don't join a gym until you read this...

Have you noticed that every time you express interest in something on the internet you're blasted with Facebook ads for similar products? I usually see 5 to 10 "Fitness Experts" telling me about some amazing way to get abs, a new piece of fitness equipment that will make my dreams come true, or a new supplement that will give me huge muscles, no body fat and make me live forever. That last one might be a bit of an exaggeration.

TV commercials are annoying but social media ads are just the worst. We use them from time to time but we try to not add to the noise.

Noise is everywhere, all the time. It's not going anywhere someone will always be trying to get your attention and get you to spend your money. If it didn't work the ads wouldn't exist. You probably found this post via social media and maybe even because we paid to get it in front of your eyes.

The fact is, whoever can best connect with what you're struggling with at the moment has a better chance of getting your attention and ultimately your money. Whether or not they actually care about you, know you, or are even qualified to help.

People want a magic pill. Often times you probably want a magic pill, am I right?

So the noise will continue because it works.

If it works then that means the problem doesn't lie with them. It lies with us. We click on stuff, we share it without thinking, we try anything and everything if we think it might make a difference. We become like plastic bags blowing in the wind, without purpose or direction trying to navigate the noise around us.

Before you know it another year has gone by and you're still out of shape.

How do we cut through all the noise? How do we decide what gym to join, workout to do, or supplement to take?


Look deep in yourself first before you spend any money.

That's not a simple answer, is it? But it's the right thing to do. Work on understanding yourself, your goals and why you really care about getting in shape before you spend any money.

Take a step back and ask yourself 3 questions.

1. What is the REAL reason that you haven't gotten in shape yet?

I'd be willing to bet that your biggest hurdle for getting in shape is you.

But wait! We're not actively keeping ourselves out of shape, are we?

You know if you're choosing to sit on the couch instead of exercise or grab a cookie instead of an apple. Those choices are actively keeping your health in jeopardy.

The same thing happens when we scroll through our Facebook and Instagram feeds getting sucked into all the hype of the latest lifting routine, booty pump workout or slimming smoothie. You're choosing to be distracted by all the noise because you're avoiding the really hard choices. The choices of admitting you don't know what to do, that you might have to relinquish control of this to someone else, and that you've made years of bad choices. You'll also have to continue to make those tough choices on an ongoing basis.

It all comes down to choices.

2. How much do you really want this?

Most people start by doing things that aren't very important like buying new workout clothes or following all kinds of online fitness motivation. But they don't take the time to dig deep within themselves to find what they are willing to do to be successful,

Most people don't have a fitness problem, they have a problem with making good choices that have lead to their current situation.

Whether it's lack of discipline, unwillingness to put in the work, or reluctance to swallow your pride and seek help. Your attitude will determine your success.

You've got to choose to want to make a change and really know why that change is important TO YOU to make.

What patterns am I displaying?

I read a quote recently

the majority of the time we are not the highest version of ourselves which we can imagine, but instead, we are the lowest version of ourselves which we can accept.

Read that again and think about it.

We are all willing to accept a lower version of ourselves when we are truly capable of so much more.

Lift your standards of yourself. You're worthy and capable of living a better life.

And make that choice over and over again, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year.

Before you spend your hard earned money on a fitness option that won't work because you're not ready to make the best choices, take a step back and take an honest look at yourself.

When you're ready to raise your standards and make the necessary changes to truly change your habits and your life, then feel good about spending your money with someone who will give you what you need.

Now go live better