Personal Training Helps Our Members Succeed

Our members mean the world to us. We care about their lives and their goals both in and out of the gym. One of the reasons our members are constantly improving and reaching their goals is our personal training sessions.

Conquering a Challenge

Sometimes things don't come easy. Sometimes we need a little more attention to figure out a new movement, how to push our intensity or need to learn a movement progression. Working in a 1-on-1 personal training session can help you get over a challenge that you've been struggling with.

Sport Specific

We encourage our members to use their fitness. Some do so recreationally and others get a little more competitive. If for some reason they are wanting to improve their performance in a specific sport or event they can get some specific training during a personal training session.

Never worked out before

Our semi-private training classes are pretty awesome and there are a lot of great reasons to join one, but sometimes they are not a perfect fit. When someone wants to start getting into shape and changing their life but may have never worked out before, have serious injuries or are incredibly overweight we often recommend personal training. This allows us to train for their specific situation and help them make progress and reach their goals faster.

Whatever the reason our members choose to invest in personal training we always do our best to move them one step closer to their specific goals and it is one of the reasons they are so successful.