Nice Things

Ladies, I’m aiming this one at you, but if you guys find this applies to you, then welcome. I hear it every day. Sometimes out of my own mouth. Tell me if any of this sound familiar:

“I’ll never be as good as__.”
“I’m so fat!”
“She’s so Skinny!”
__ is so great at ___, but I’m terrible!”

Why can’t we just say nice things about others without putting ourselves down?

Maybe you won’t ever be the strongest in the gym, but someone being strong is just that. It has NOTHING to do with you. Someone being thinner than you has NOTHING to do with your size. You lack the coordination to link two double unders, but everyone else in the gym seems to get it? Unless they’re jumping into your rope during the workout, these things are unrelated.

I think somehow in our minds, we cannot compliment another without putting ourselves down. We’ve been taught to be “humble”. Or worse, we’re so insecure about ourselves that we have to put ourselves down in a pathetic attempt to elicit compliments from others.

So here’s what I’d like to see;

More compliments without caveats.
We can say nice things about others without making it about ourselves.

More celebrating.
Don’t wait for others to tell you how awesome you are. If you PR a workout, ring the bell! If you lost some weight, tell a friend! If you got a promotion at work, high five someone. If you made it an entire week without yelling at your toddler, have a dance party!

CrossFit 43 North should be a fun place, and I want it to be a safe place as well. You never know what personal demons someone had to battle just to walk in the door. Let’s not unintentionally put another person down by putting ourselves down.

And by all means, the next time I start talking like that, call me out!