This last week NBC aired their newest fitness related reality show. Produced by Sylvester Stallone it feels like a mashup between Biggest Loser, Workout, and Survivor.

While I hate reality television being called “reality” because it is no ones reality, and I generally hate the forced drama on these types of shows, I watched the first episode.

My motivation for watching was mostly morbid curiosity. What was NBC touting as STRONG? What kinds of jokers do they have as trainers? Come to find out that there are a couple jokers most of them are pretty legit Strength and Conditioning coaches. I was really surprise to see CrossFit represented. Functional fitness paired with good personal training can deliver amazing results.

The show focuses mostly on the drama of who’s going to be tossed off the show next and very little on the differences in the training methodologies. For people like myself I care more about the training, but I’m sure the average person just wants to see the arguments and the transformation photos.

I think it’s a good thing that the CrossFit methodology is getting some attention. Usually the only media attention CrossFit receives is from the CrossFit Games and that is not the same thing we do in training. Most people don’t understand the difference and it’s hard to explain. For this reason I wish the show would spend a little more time educating the viewers on the different strength and conditioning methods being used on the show. As a general rule people don’t really know how to improve their fitness and a platform like NBC could do a lot to educate people and improve the lives of many people.

I think it would be possible to make a good show that was a little more educational than drama, but I'm not a television producer. They different priorities than I do. Ratings vs. helping people improve their lives.

Now go move better.