Motivation + Plan

I own 3 bikes. A mountain bike, a single speed road bike and a 3-speed cruiser. I love bikes. You knew that fact alone you might think I'm an avid bike rider. Sadly I'm not. But I'd like to be.

There was a time before kids when my wife and I would ride our cruisers around town, we even took them to the Oregon coast on vacation once. But now that we have kids we can't just spontaneously go for a bike ride.

You see, I get motivated to be a bike rider. I watch videos of people riding their mountain bikes or of bike messengers weaving in and out of traffic on their single speed bikes and it looks like so much fun. It was just a couple of videos and a blog that motivated me to purchase my single speed bike. Motivation to ride isn't the issue. Motivation is the easy part.

The hard part is making a plan that fits bike riding into my already busy life. There are logistical issues to consider. I don't have a bike rack, so how do I get my mountain bike to the mountains? I'd need to get up early to beat the heat but then I'd have to plan ahead to make sure I haven't scheduled any personal training sessions on that morning.

Then there is the fact that I don't know what trails are good, and which ones will be to difficult for my skill level. You see not only do I need a plan but I also need someone to build that plan for me.

Sure, I'm smart, I could probably figure it all out, but it might not work out as well as I expected and then my motivation will start to fail and soon my bike will be gathering dust in the garage again. I'd be left with a plan that didn't work and no motivation to keep trying.

Sound familiar?

Motivation is incredibly powerful but short-lived. Having a workable, and effective plan is what's going to get you the results you want. You need someone to set the plan, keep you motivated and hold you accountable.

Now, go live better.