Melissa Hawker

I came to CrossFit 43 North because I wanted To challenge myself. I have done the whole one-on-one trainer thing, and it was great! But after I had My son I wanted To feel STRONG again.


It was definitely intimidating! I’ve heard so many stories of CrossFit. Good, bad, or indifferent it still made for a scary first class! But as soon as I showed up it was clear, I was surrounded by people of all physical shape and ability, and they all were so great at making me feel welcome. It’s such a great sense of community.

I work a very labor intensive job, often leaning over patients straining my back, and never really sitting down. The core strength I've gained has helped immensley with that. I dont Feel as fatigued at the end of my day.

It doesn’t seem like much but I’ve never been able to do a handstand and I can now! I’ll never forget the day it actually happened, I was Upside down yelling “I’m doing it, I’m doing a handstand!!!” Small victories!