Meal Preperation

At some point in everyone's journey to finding a reasonable nutrition practice, they come to the meal prep conversation.

It's been a crazy week at work. You forgot to go to the grocery store, it's lunchtime and you're trying to eat better. But making a good choice, under those circumstances, is almost impossible.

Does this sound familiar?


Many people believe that their inability to stick to a nutrition plan is because of a lack of self-discipline, but really it has so much more to do with not having a fully developed plan with a system in place for keeping good choices easy to make.

Meal preparation is the practice of cooking, weighing and measuring, and packaging your meals ahead of time. This can be done a day at a time or a full week at a time. You can prep all your meals for each day or just the ones that you know you need.

For example, if you always have breakfast at home, lunch during your work day and dinner at home with your family, then you may only need to prep your lunches each week.

On the other hand, if you're always on the go you need to prep all of your meals for the day in individual containers and pack a cooler in your car. And for logistical reasons, you may only prep 1 or 2 days at a time because your refrigerator only has so much room.

What about Kids

We've seen the best results when people can prep their meals on the weekend for the next week. This does take a couple hours but it can be turned into family time and the kids get to be involved in making what they'll be eating in the next week.

This provides a little ownership over their nutrition and provides an opportunity for some fun and education about why you're eating the things you're eating.

Although meal prep takes time and effort it's so much better than randomly trying to follow your nutrition plan. If you could eat well on the fly then you'd already be doing it. If you set yourself up for success then you will succeed and you won't have those daily conversations with yourself about how you failed again. You're not a failure if you didn't even give yourself a chance to succeed.

Now, go live better.