Definition of Motivation:
1a: the act or process of motivating
b: the condition of being motivated
2: a motivating force, stimulus, or influence: INCENTIVE, DRIVE

The act or process of motivating?? Seriously?? That’s not at all helpful!

When I think of motivation, I think of my “WHY”. WHY do I want to get healthy? WHY do I want to workout, sleep well, get outside more, and eat 800 grams of vegetables every day?

I can look around during any class at CrossFit 43 North and know beyond any doubt that every single person there has an incredible story to tell. Everyone has their own personal WHY for being there.


And we all have different WHY’s, right? One person’s WHY could be that they want to be healthy so they can one day have a family, while another person’s WHY could be that they just want to have the ability to remain upright while putting on a pair of underwear. Two very different WHY’s, but both extremely important!

Sometimes, without even knowing it, we can help others find motivation. For instance, when I come to class and see that incredible woman who has worked really hard to lose 40 pounds and can now effortlessly squat clean 100lbs (Yes, girl! You know who you are!!). She doesn’t know it, but she has helped fuel my WHY. This woman is getting healthier and stronger! I want to do that, too! WHY? Well, because people who are healthy and strong have a decreased risk of falling over when putting on a pair of underwear!!