Losing Body Fat Simplified



There are two major components in the process for losing body fat. Notice I didn’t say losing weight. Once you start working out regularly and building muscle your weight becomes less important. This is because muscle is more dense than fat. Therefore you can pack more muscle into a smaller area. It is then possible to physically weigh more but have smaller physical dimensions.

The two parts to losing body fat are

  1. proper diet
  2. a higher basal metabolism

What do I mean by diet? I'm refering to the foods we eat. I’m not referring to any named capital “D” Diet like Atkins, Zone, Paleo, Slow-Carb, etc.

The Science-y Stuff

We should start by understanding why and how our bodies store fat. We store food as body fat when our hormone levels are abnormal. The major offender is Insulin but Leptin and Glucagon are also very important. It’s important to keep these hormones in balance to keep from adding body fat.

Insulin is released when our blood sugar is elevated. Insulin takes the carbohydrate that has raised our blood sugar and stores it in our liver and and muscles. These 2 storage facilities have limited space. What happens when we keep our insulin levels elevated by eating processed carbohydrates like, sugar and wheat? Insulin keeps doing it’s job. It keeps finding places to store the energy you’ve eaten. But since it can’t store it as easily accessible carbohydrate because the muscles and liver are full, the carbohydrate is then converted to triglycerides and stored as body fat.

What to do

That’s how we get fat. We eat too much of the insulin elevating carbohydrates. How do we then change our diet to reduce body fat? A diet made up of primarily whole, real food, like meat, veggies, a little fruit, and clean fats keeps our insulin levels down and keeps our body running on fat instead of refined carbohydrate.

Our muscles and liver only store enough energy for about 90 min of high intensity work. The rest of the day our energy level should be support by fats. Some good sources of fat are, coconut, coconut oil, clarified butter, olive oil, olives, and avocado.

Once we move our bodies from relying on those refined carbohydrates and we get our hormones back in balance, our bodies become fat burning machines and our body fat begins to come off.

Now go live better.