Lifeguard or Swim Coach

A few years ago coach Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, begain using an analogy to explain the roll of the CrossFit trainer in the lives of athletes. He compared Doctors to lifeguards and trainers to swim coaches.

This seemingly simple analogy carries a lot of weight if we unpack it. There are things that doctors can do and are trained to do and there are things that they are not as well equipt to provide.

Doctors are primarily lifeguards

Did you know doctors receive very little training about maintaining a healthy life? The only receive a couple weeks of education about nutrition and even then it is basically around the food pyramid. This is because the role of the doctor is to help save your life when something has gone wrong. They are the last line of defense when your life needs saving. So this is what most of their training and education is about. When things go wrong you need a lifeguard there to pull you out of the water and save your life.

CrossFit Coaches are primarily swimming coaches

On the other end of the spectrum, your CrossFit coach functions like a swim coach. They have specific training and knowledge on how to live a healthy life and how to get your body to a place that you'll only need to see the doctor in the event of an emergency.

By following the CrossFit prescription of nutrition and high-intensity exercise you'll have your body running in tip-top shape sooner than you'd think. People have reversed pre-diabetes and obesity with CrossFit. Others have reduced or removed their dependence on prescription medication

The CrossFit prescription works, and works well, and is comprised of both nutrition and exercise. If you're only doing one then you're not doing CrossFit and you won't see the results you could. Put in the work and you'll save yourself from needing to see your doctor every couple weeks to deal with the complications of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other metabolic issues.