Leave Your Ego At The Door

Day one at our gym includes a speech about leaving your ego at the door. It mostly gets ignored, because nobody thinks they have an ego. Then somewhere in the middle of a tough workout it hits them.

“This is harder than I thought!”
“Ego doesn’t pay!”

Hearing anybody say that just warms my heart, but there’s something extra special about hearing men say it.

We’ve been asked if we’re a female only gym. We are not. We currently have about a 4 to 1 ratio of women to men. It’s not that we purposefully try to exclude guys, but there does still seem to be an attitude among many men that they don’t need help. That somehow because they are men they don’t need coaching, or they can just muscle through workouts at home, and if they workout REALLY hard, they can eat whatever they want.

Although there are MASSIVE differences between men and women, this much is the same:

We’re all human.

And because we’re all human, we’re all capable of failure.

I know it’s not comfortable to be vulnerable, but the women at CrossFit 43 North that embrace the fact that they aren’t as strong, fit, flexible, and in control of their diet as they would like to be are the women making the most change.

And the men that come in and tell me they know how to eat, and can squat just fine are still not meeting their goals when I see them around town months or years later.

What’s the difference?

Why is it so hard for men to admit they could use some guidance?

This isn’t a post about toxic masculinity, but there is something to that attitude.

If you owned a business and needed guidance, you’d probably hire a mentor. Or at the very least, go to coffee or golf with another business owner and try to get a few pointers.

If you aren’t a mechanic, you’d take your car to someone you trust with your prized possession.

If your kid gets hurt or sick, you’d take them to a doctor that could help, right?

But when it comes to your body, you are suddenly the professional?

Even the best coaches, chiropractors, and physical therapists I know are constantly trying to learn from each other.

What kind of change could be made if you set you ego aside and tried something new? How would your life change if you had a team to encourage you towards your goals?

What would happen if you had more energy, a little less body fat, more strength, and more confidence?

How would that effect you as a partner, father, friend, and pillar of the community?