Jennie Mura

Over the spring I moved from the across the country to Nampa. I was in search of a new gym, better yet a new community. I knew I wanted to find a place that focused on living a better life, being a better version of yourself and knew how to have fun with work-outs. After reviewing MANY websites and visiting other gyms, I had a feeling this was going to be the place I could fit into.


I had two first impressions of CrossFit 43 North. The first one was with Coach Clayton during my "no sweat-session". I immediately noticed how humble, non-judgmental and encouraging Clayton was. He openly heard my story and encouraged me to try out a class. About a month later, I finally got the courage to try a community class. I will never forget Coach Bertha's loud "Yayyyyyy" as I walked through the door. She was genuinely happy that I was there. I was overly impressed how kind and welcoming everyone was to this new person. This impression has never changed and continues to be one of the reasons I show up every day. Coaches and members are genuinely happy to see each other, encourage each other through each work-out and care about each other's life.

My life emotionally, mentally and physically has significantly improved since becoming a member six months ago. As an athlete I feel like my accountability, technique, strength, mobility and reduction of pain has greatly improved. I am doing things in the gym that I never dreamed that I could do. Personally, I have noticed improvement in my personal life with reduced anxiety, motivation and confidence to try new things.

The majority of my favorite memories come from the crazy antics that occur during our 6 am class; whether its Tina being jokingly upset that classical music is on to test our mental game, Charly's accents with his wide range of conversational topics, or the "meat sweats" with giggles that occur during mobility whining time; I can't pick just one! But with that is also watching the same people put their game face on, conquer their worries and bust out an amazing work-out.