It's Not What You Think

We've signed on for an uphill battle. We love the methodology of CrossFit and the fact that it is helpful to anyone at any stage of their life with any level of capability. The battle comes from what people think CrossFit is. Ever since 2001 people have been signing up to put their bodies to the test in this intense training program called CrossFit.

Those early adopters were people that we're already pretty fit and just wanted to push themselves even harder. The feats of strength and intense workouts were impressive and drew a much more intense crowd of people. When the videos of the hardcore workouts were posted online more and more people were drawn to the super high intensity that they saw.

While there were lots and lots of people in that early adopter group the majority of people started venturing into CrossFit in about 2011. There was exponential growth over the next few years but these people didn't necessarily have the fitness background of the early adopters and they tried to work out just as hard without proper technique and coaching. This lead to some people getting injured, though not as much as some people would like you to think. Any injuries that have occurred are not the fault of CrossFit the methodology but the fault of individuals overreaching their abilities or simply accidents akin to stepping off a curb incorrectly. That's a risk you take walking across the street and it's not limited solely to CrossFit.

The methodology of CrossFit is all about using functional movements and relative intensity that increases as your fitness progresses. This is not a linear progression though. Everyone is different and requires expert coaching to get the most out of the training methods.

Used appropriately CrossFit can transform everyone's health, fitness, and their lives. But we have almost 20 years of perception to overcome.

This is where we find ourselves.

We're trying to overcome the public perception of what CrossFit is by showing people what it can be. This is why we put a lot of emphasis on personal training and nutrition. Your long term health and wellness are our focus and we all win when you keep reaching your goals and aren't hindered by injuries or inappropriate training methods for your level of fitness.

We hear stories and see the changes in people daily that tell us that we're doing a good thing. That we're doing the right thing. We continue the good fight because it matters.

Now go live better.