Who are you really?

Are you the same person in private as you are in public?

In our gym we work hard. We give 100% effort and we expect the person next to us to be doing the same. Think of it like a code of honor. We’re going to be totally honest about everything we do, no matter how it might hurt our pride.

We always speak the truth, we count every rep. We don’t count a WOD as Rx unless we did it 100% as prescribed. If your goal is lose weight and you’re not following your nutrition plan properly, then don’t make is sound like you are. Own your flaws. Own your weaknesses. Own your bad days. Then let us support you.

We ask that you live a life above reproach in and out of the gym. We all make mistakes but people of integrity own up to the them and change their future actions.

CrossFit 43 North is a family. We love and respect each other and to be dishonest not only hurts you but hurts the family.