Importance of Mechanics in Training

We have a basic progression in our training that starts with mechanics, then consistency and finally intensity. Each one builds on the previous and the previous stages are prerequisite for the next ones.

Proper Mechanics are Safe

We try to never compromise on our safety. One way we do this is insisting that everyone learn the proper mechanics for each movement we perform. These are often technical and can take a long time to master but safety is a priority for us and it should be for you as well.

Proper Mechanics are Efficient

Without proper mechanics movements like the snatch are more difficult than they need to be.

Above and beyond safety, moving well with proper mechanics will result in more efficient movement. This means you’ll technically be able to move faster and lift more weight.

Even if you don’t care about safety the reason most people train is to improve their fitness. By continually pushing to improve your mechanics you’ll be able to see increases in your fitness for years and years. With poor mechanics your progress will stall and that will lead to a lot of frustration.

Proper Mechanics Look Good

Most of us have seen a Gym Fail video comprised of a lot of people doing really stupid stuff in the gym. When we put proper mechanics as our first priority we make sure that we’ll never see a video of our poor form in a Youtube compilation.

Working on mechanics isn’t necessarily fun. They don’t have the glamorous numbers attached to them that a new 1 rep max might, but without them you’ll probably hurt yourself trying to get that 1 rep max. You’re 1 rep max will also top out well below your potential and you’ll be “that guy” or girl in the gym. And nobody wants that.

Now go move better.