I"m Taking the Slow Road

Recently my body has been talking to me. Little aches and nags that get in the way of my day and my plans. There wasn’t a real injury but I know my body is asking me to slow down a bit. Can I tell you something? I didn’t want to listen.

Over the last year, I’ve worked super hard to be where I am both in mental and physical health. I was making headway at a decent speed and I wasn’t going to let anything not even myself stop me. I’m fortunate that sometimes my hypersensitive emotions sometimes won’t let me ignore what my body is trying to say. And so in the middle of the gym I popped, frustrations, limitations all erupted in the form of tears and blunders and Coach Clayton just listened. No judgment just listened. “ We can’t help with everything but we can help you feel successful here” So scaling and taking a step back was mentioned.

Can I admit that I hated that option at the beginning? I’ve worked hard, earned my place (which is really just in my head, you don’t need to earn your place in this gym) and have made some huge strides, and now all that was going to be gone(also not true but how I felt). My choices were, do I bruise my ego or potentially hurt myself because I’m being stubborn? It seems so easy to answer that when I write it but it was a hard choice at the moment. I came back and chatted with my husband and he reminded me of what my goals were when I walked into the gym. I wanted to have more energy to play with my kids, be able to be outdoors more and feel better mentally and physically. That’s all happened. Great! So what are my new goals? It was never to lift the heaviest or be the fastest and if that is my next goal great, but how do I achieve that in a safe manner? It isn’t by ignoring my bodies cues. So new goals need to be made otherwise I’m treading water and never feeling like I’m getting anywhere.

To be honest, I don’t have new immediate goals, I know I want sustainable fitness and health, I know I want to be a better yoga coach, I know that I want to share my passion for all of this with others. And this starts by being an example and choosing the slow road, the one that isn’t glamorous or photo-worthy but will keep me on this track feeling good for a long time. No ego-driven instant gratification.

This is what makes CrossFit 43 North different. They want that for me and for all of you too. More interested in the forever life change and longevity of your health over the bandaids and quick fixes. They are there to offer knowledge and support but it’s our job, to be honest with ourselves and take the slow road when we need it. So here I am on the slow road for a while, I’ve heard those sometimes have the best views.