I really want to try yoga but...

I’ve never met a person who tried yoga and hated it. I’m sure they exist I have just never run into one. Most of the time I hear how people have tried it and loved it, maybe they’ve not been to a class in a long time and forgot how much they enjoyed it and that conversation might spark the excitement of stepping on their mat again. Awesome! Then there are those that have always wanted to try yoga but for one reason or another have been apprehensive to try it. Maybe they feel they aren’t flexible enough or coordinated or trying something new in a group setting makes them nervous. I understand all of that. Let's address these fears.

I am not flexible: flexibility is NOT a prerequisite for yoga. Sure Instagram is inundated with millions of photos of “yogis” twisted like a pretzel on top of mountain peaks. Instagram is also filled with a ton of videos of cats using a toilet but no one thinks they need to toilet train a cat in order to own one. Thinking you have to be flexible to start yoga is putting the cart before the horse. Flexibility comes through your practice and with time it is the result, not a prerequisite. Yoga is easily adaptable and can be modified for everybody.

I am not coordinated enough: This answer is pretty similar to the one above. With time and practice, balance and coordination can improve. Our brains and bodies are powerful and they will adapt and get stronger the more we work with them. You just have to start

I’m scared of trying something new in a group setting: Like everything held here at the gym I want to reassure you that this space is kind and welcoming at all levels in all our classes BUT if that is not something you are ready for, we get it. That’s where the beauty of personal training comes in. Whether you have had an injury and need to work around a limitation, or you are a complete beginner and really want to work slowly on those foundational poses and want a class catered specifically to you and your needs, personal training is a great option. There are a variety of options as far as the amount of time per session as well as how often you’d like your personal training sessions to be.

If fear of group sessions is the thing that’s holding you back from getting started we’ve got you. Schedule a free intro with us here. We’d love to help you start your yoga journey.