I Don't Need Friends

“I don’t need friends. I just want to trim down and tone up a bit.”

I get some version of this speech quite a bit. People wanting to join the gym and reap the benefits of the Crossfit methodology without having to interact with other people.

Some are true introverts, others lead busy lives and don’t want to talk to even one more person at the end of a long work day. Still, others have experienced or heard about a community that cheers everyone on until the very last rep. While some may thrive on this, others cringe at the thought of a bunch of people watching them workout. “What if I’m last? I don’t want everyone staring at me!”

I’ve had a few members tell me they don’t do partner workouts, offering to be the odd one out (I had an even number of people).

After spending some time with these athletes, I realized there is more to their story. A few have been abused and had to learn to be strong, to pull themselves up, to not trust those closest to them. One who is very self conscience about those few wiggly spots left from having babies. Another who had been part of a more competitive gym where she always felt like she was the slowest, like she was letting her partner down.

Strong, smart, beautiful people that for a moment got caught up in what others might think. They let doubt, insecurities, and fear nearly rob them of the full experience of being part of something greater than themselves.

What would happen if we just grew as people? That question usually gets a laugh when asked.

But seriously.

What if we just opened up a little? What if we don’t need friends, but we do need support, encouragement, and maybe a chance to laugh at ourselves? What if working out isn’t just toning up and trimming down, but a chance to see what your body is capable of? What if you had a place to come to for one hour of your day where you could get out your frustrations, not have to think too hard, and just move? What if you made your health a priority so you can continue to do ALL the things you have to do and have energy to spare? What if you had a coach that helped you figure out how to eat the right amount of food to not feel like you’re starving all the time? What if you accidentally found some new friends that held you accountable and encouraged you to try new things?

This is what I see everyday. Men and women who are willing to give just a little bit of themselves, and they’ve found a place where they thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So if you’re ready to stop “going to the gym” and you’re ready for true life transformation, we’re ready for you!