Healthy Summer Contest Winner

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Our Healthy Summer 2015 contest has ended and the winner is Donna Watson! Great job Donna. It's not easy to drink enough water, eat well, get plenty of sleep, workout, do some mobility work, and get some fish oil everyday. It's hard to even do 2 of those on any given day. It takes commitment to yourself and your goals.

For doing such a great job Donna will receive a digital scale to help in weighing/measuring food and gift bag of other goodies.

Great job to everyone that participated. I hope you noticed a difference in how you felt over the course of the contest and more importanlty that you developed some new habits for taking better care of yourself.

Beyond the Whiteboard offers the option of tracking your lifestyle choices everyday and gives you the ability to track that data over time to see how it affects your goals wether they be for weight loss or performance.

My lifestyle overview for the past 12 months

My lifestyle overview for the past 12 months

If you haven't logged into the web version of Beyond the Whiteboard you're missing out on a lot of data and features that the mobile version does not offer.