Growing Old Gracefully – Nonsense!

Now that I’m older, there’s this thing I do called Anything I Want.

CrossFit, anyone?

Yes, there are certain advantages to reaching those magical years of fifty plus. In these years, many of us acquire patience and an appreciation for quality of life. We care less about what others may think of us, and sometimes we even understand the value of taking time to really enjoy our lives, our families, and our community.

“Growing old gracefully” is a very nice thought, but let’s not get it twisted! What does it really mean? Does it mean that we are to believe the myth that our bodies and minds become weaker and more fragile with age? And if that’s true, should we just sit back and let it happen? That’s just not acceptable!

How about growing old gratefully instead of gracefully? I really don’t want to just be a spectator as I grow old. What I really want is to remain active, mobile, and independent. I want my family to rest assured that I am doing everything I can so that they won’t need to physically care for me as I age.

Yup! It’s called going into your Golden Years kicking and screaming while maintaining an attitude of gratitude!! I am sincerely grateful for each and every day that I wake up, put my feet on the floor, and know without doubt that I am able to go for a run, a bike ride or best of all, a CrossFit workout.

Does it always come easy? Well, no! It’s a very conscious and deliberate decision every day to choose to stay active. It would be so very simple to slow down, glue my butt to a couch, be sedentary, and “grow old gracefully” but I know that the results would be unquestionably tragic.

I really love being able to lift a heavy bag of dog food from the car and carry it to the garage without even thinking about it. I enjoy having the ability to walk and run for miles and jump over a water crossing on a trail, or run effortlessly up a hill. I want to be able to do these things for the rest of my life. No matter how old I am, I want to be able to get off the couch or a theater seat or the floor without assistance. That’s why I refuse to just grow old gracefully.

CrossFit workouts are the very best long-term care insurance policy. No matter how old I am, I can count on the fact that any and all workouts can be customized to suit my ability at any given time. I can depend on the fact that each workout has a specific purpose that fits perfectly in the grand scheme of maintaining and improving my prospects for long-term health, fitness, and functional movement.

So, yeah, I’m growing old gratefully. I’m grateful for CrossFit coaches and 5:00am workouts. I’m grateful for fellow athletes who keep me motivated and inspired. And I’m grateful that the people I love will not need to worry about me as I continue my journey into these golden years.