Going Dim

The struggle with social media is real. It takes up too much of many of our lives. It's something that seems to be here to stay but we're struggling to find healthy ways of using it. You may not even recognize that there's a problem. That's how sneaky it is.

Over the years I've reduced my use of social media platforms because I didn't have the time to use them as much. But now as the owner of a business that has the purpose of guiding people towards health and fitness, social media seems to be at odds with our foundational principles.

Most major social media platforms are run by an algorithm. This is a complex mathematical system that keeps showing you more and more content that it thinks you will enjoy. It does this to keep you using the platform for longer periods and therefore it can show you more ads and they can make more money. The science behind how they keep you using the platform is fascinating and a little creepy but that's not my point today.

Today I just want to inform you that our social media platforms will be going dim. Not dark. Just not as active as they once were. You may have already noticed this. It's been something our team has been in discussion about for a few weeks.

As a business (and some individuals) we just don't feel right about adding content to the machine that keeps you spending more time on your phone. That said, some of our amazing members found us through Facebook or Instagram and we've been able to help them. This puts us in a tough spot and something we're not totally decided on.

Going forward we'll try to be very specific about the ways we use social media and no longer just post things to keep the feed active. We also don't want to discount the use of technology to foster conversation and community when possible. This is our plan as of this moment.

Our private Facebook group will continue to be an active place for our members to interact outside of the gym, make plans and post their weekly bright spots. We will be exploring putting more types of content on our blog at https://crossfit43north.com/blog. Please join in a conversation in the comments. Our goal is to have conversations and connections that lead to growth, not just clicking a like button. We will continue to run a very small amount of advertisements until we can find a way to get the same results without them.

While we challenge ourselves to grow as a business and lead by example we ask that you take some time to reflect on how you spend your time. After all, our goal is to live better lives, not lives looking at a screen.