Get in Here

Let’s face it - this is not easy! Sometimes it’s really friggin hard! Sometimes the hardest part of going to CrossFit is, well, GOING to CrossFit!

It can be an upward struggle (quite literally!!) to pull on workout clothes at 4 or 5 in the morning while the rest of the world enjoys blissful slumber. At times, it’s no picnic to forego after-work shenanigans and go to the gym when I just know that everyone else is eating garlic cheese fry nacho taco slider poppers and swilling lemonade and beer in the afternoon!!

The struggle is REAL, folks!! And that’s not even the beginning of it! Once I’m finally at the gym, it would be oh, so easy to dread the workout and then count down the number of reps and minutes left until the agony and torture are over! And let’s not even talk about my sweaty tomato red face and the hair that’s glued to my head and stuck to my neck!! There’s a shirt that very eloquently sums it up rather nicely. It has a picture of a loaded barbell on top and it says, “I hate you! I hate this place! See you tomorrow!”

But here’s the reality: When I’m actually in the gym for this one magical hour of running, lifting, jumping, climbing, throwing, flipping in this amazing place with these phenomenal people and excellent coaches, I’m reminded that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be!

Yep! The only thing I have to do is show up. After that, it’s a no-brainer. All the hard work has already been done for me. The workout of the day has been carefully planned and scaled just for me and my fellow workout buddies by our awesome coaches. What more could I possibly ask for? I can take a deep breath and enjoy knowing that in less than one hour I will feel happier and more accomplished than I felt when I was pulling on these workout clothes! I’m never sorry when I show up, but I’m always sorry when I miss a workout.

At a certain point, it becomes really hard to maintain the stinky attitude because I’m having so much fun. Who knew that we could lift this much, run this fast, jump this high, or do this many reps in such a small amount of time? What an incredible celebration of can-do!! I’m living my very best life right at that moment.

Now, let’s get real… How can I keep this terrific attitude and maintain this momentum? Great question! The answer is: Sometimes ya just gotta go through the motions and show up! Wake up and get out of bed even if it’s waaaaay too early. Put on the workout clothes even if it feels like the most difficult thing ever. Go to the gym even if it’s too cold/hot/dark outside. No matter how tough it is, just get there! And don’t forget to smile! Why? Because in this place, joy and wellness happen! Because right now I can choose to enjoy the moment rather than count the minutes until the end of the workout. All I have to do is show up.