Found Community

One of the greatest things CrossFit has going for it besides creating really fit people is the built-in community. We have our own lingo, we have our unique way of dressing, we all have to be a little bit weird to push ourselves as hard as we do. There is solidarity and competition between those of us that do CrossFit. Much of that comes from the fact that we suffer together. Even if you follow main site programing you can post your score to the comments and see how you compare to others in the broader CrossFit community.

There is something special about the shared experiences that happen in battle. You often hear stories of war buddies that become friends for life because of the bonds developed in combat. Sometimes the struggles we go through during a hero WOD are pretty tough for us civilians. We've seen each other cry, scream, and almost give up. We all understand because we've been there at one point or another. We've also seen the joy of a new PR or finally getting your double-unders, pull-ups or muscle-ups. We celebrate with each other because we've had those experiences as well and we know how they feel. We encourage each other. I think of the people I workout with regularly as family. I show up everyday, not because of what the workout may or may not be but because I love those people and I want to share my inevitable sweat, probable blood, and potential tears with them.

Everyday there is a prescribed workout to do. This is an opportunity for us to toil, sweat, and complain together. The workouts may not be what you want to work on that day, but by doing something else or not showing up at all you're not only depriving yourself of the level of fitness that CrossFit can provide, but more importantly you're depriving yourself of the community and lasting friendship.

Just a thought.

Now go move better.