First Month of Nutrition Coaching

When it comes to nutrition it’s safe to say that the majority of people don’t know what to do. In fact, most people actually don’t know how much they don’t know. The majority of the popular advice is either outdated, really only for specific populations, or completely false.

We’re here to help.

Our nutrition coaching is set up in two different phases. The first phase is the first month and then the second phase is everything after that.

The Consultation

In the first month, we have people do some tracking of what they eat. This gives us some information on what kind of understanding and practices the person has in regards to proper nutrition.

After we’ve collected that information we sit down for an hour-long consultation. In that hour we talk about the specific goals of the individual and compare that with the results of the meal tracking they completed. We'll address any major red flags with some basic education but don't try to make people ashamed or embarrassed about their current eating habits.

We then take some body measurements and discuss a plan for getting them to reach their goals. This plan is different for everyone depending on where they are physically and mentally in regards to reaching their goals.

For some people, this includes very specific amounts of food eaten throughout the day. For others, we might start with improving the quality of the food they eat and for others, it might be as simple as reducing the amount of soda they drink from 3 cans a day down to 1.

Weekly Phone Call

Every week we'll have a phone call to discuss how the week went. What went well? How did that feel? Where did you struggle? Then we discuss the upcoming week and see if there are any strategies we can implement to increase the chances of success. If the person is having success with the plan we’ve given them we may add something else like “Great job keeping your soda consumption down to 1 can a day. How about this week we try adding 1 serving of vegetables every day?” For someone else, the guidance might be to move all their starchy carbs to their post workout meal and for another person, we may not make any changes. Just keep sticking to the plan.

Everyone is on a different path and capable of making a change at different rates. The is no one right way to do it.


At the end of the first month, we’ll sit down and discuss what we learned about eating and how well the person followed their plan. We’ll retake the measurements we took at the beginning of the month so we have data to see if the plan is working.

Then we’ll make some adjustments based on the data and proceed on with the second month.